What Iowa caucuses mean for Democrats

Ron Paul could only dream of getting a 200% boost in his poll numbers and his results in the Iowa caucus on Tuesday. Do celebrity endorsements make any difference? Some pundits believe Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barack Obama helped him win the 2008

Iowa, as Zaino pointed out, has a long-standing demonstrable resistance not just to electing women to represent it, but also to women running for presidential office in the Iowa Caucus. You would think that if anyone could overcome it in Iowa,

Duck, or you might get splattered. The campaign mudslinging on TV, on the web and in mailboxes, has made for a dirty December. But now it's finally time for the voters to have their say about the Republican candidates for

Asked by a reporter during a stop in Independence to summarize in one sentence why he deserved to win, Mr. Gingrich responded like a pageant contestant (in three sentences): “I should win the Iowa caucus because I'm the only candidate who would

Tomorrow, January 3, 2012 at 7pm CT, the Iowa caucuses will begin the process where residents of Iowa gather in all 1784 precincts. They will gather in houses, libraries, schools, churches, etc. Attendees will not only vote for