'War Horse' Pals: Peter Jackson Gave Steven Spielberg Boxes of World War I …

By Jess Righthand Jeremy Irvine in "War Horse." (DreamWorks II Distribution) In this week's new movies, Steven Spielberg comes out with “Warhorse” and “The Adventures of Tintin,” and the highly anticipated film adaptation of “The Girl with the Dragon

Is Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse' another beautiful and moving period drama from the critically-acclaimed director? Or just a dismal and disjointed onscreen tour of World War I? Read our review.

Besides Ghost Protocol, another silver lining at the North American box office — one that should continue to perform quite well during the much busier New Year's weekend — is Steven Spielberg's Christmas Day release War Horse. Deadline.com informs

James Sanford has a review of the drama “War Horse” by Steven Spielberg. He says it's “a prime slice of Oscar bait, with its spectacular battlefield scenes and major-league emotional moments.” A young Englishman develops a deep attachment to a horse

"War Horse," Steven Spielberg's second horse in the awards season race, arrives on the heels of his animated film "The Adventures of Tintin." A drama about the special bond between a boy and his horse separated by the