VIDEO: Larry the Cable Guy — Eagles fan (for a day!)

Comedian Larry the cable guy presents the simplest of jokes in the funniest manner possible. You are sure to forget all your worries when you sit back and enjoy.

Amid the tangle of slow-moving traffic, barbecue and purple jerseys that was Sunday's Baltimore Ravens tailgate party, Larry the Cable Guy, the working man's comedian, was talking food — and how to ease that ubiquitous heartburn pain.

When Larry the Cable Guy is not trying to sell you Prilosec, on Mater voice-over duties for the "Cars" animated movies, or taping his TV show, "O.

By Randall G. Mielke For Sun-Times Media December 9, 2011 12:32PM Larry the Cable Guy will perform at the Rialto Square Theatrre in Joliet on Dec. 17. | Sun-Times Media File Photo When Larry the Cable guy takes the stage for a performance,

Larry the Cable Guy's done some tailgating in his day. Naturally, he's got some advice to offer. "First off," says Larry, who will be at M&T Bank Stadium this Sunday to tailgate with Ravens fans as part of a promotion for Prilosec OTC heartburn