Utah theater chain turns 'The Hunger Games' into an event

By Liza Marie Johnston / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS "Hunger Games" fan Liza Marie Johnston dresses in the style of "the Capitol" for a "Hunger Games" theme party. Guests get into the spirit at Johnston's 'Hunger Games' theme party, which had a Wii archery

Both these qualities were essential to playing Clove, one of the lethal career tributes in The Hunger Games, and the one who tussles the most with heroine Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). What's less obvious on-screen is that Furhman is A)

IMAX Filmed Entertainment chief Greg Foster says the strong sales are continuing into Friday and Saturday.

Looks like movie theater owners are the biggest beneficiaries on Wall Street today from the excitement over the early box office results for The Hunger Gam.

By Grady Smith, EW.com Last night, "The Hunger Games" grossed a truly staggering $19.7 million from midnight showings across the country — the highest midnight total ever for a non-sequel, and the seventh highest midnight total ever (behind three