Usher, Justin Bieber to collab on two duets

When Ian Usher's wife Laura left him six years after they emigrated from Britain to Australia, he shed every part of his old life. Then he took the proceeds and made a fresh start, travelling the world armed with nothing but a list of life-goals.

"Alive and cold kickin ass!!" the singer tweets after rumors of his untimely demise surface Tuesday.

You can tell Usher is close to releasing a new album because he's back in shape. The strapping bachelor flexed his muscles while mean mugging for the camera. He shared the results of his intense workout sessions with his

R&B star Usher has reached out to fans online to assure them than sick rumours suggesting he had been killed in a car crash are wrong. Gossip about the Confessions hitmaker's wellbeing began sprea

By IBTimes Staff Reporter: Subscribe to IBTimes's RSS feed Usher is not dead, despite reports that he was killed in a car crash on Tuesday. He is just the latest in a long string of internet death hoax victims. He appears to be doing just fine,