US Supreme Court Takes Up Obama Health Care Law

By Laura Vozzella Inside the Supreme Court, they'll be making history, as the justices hear three days of arguments for and against the federal health-care overhaul. Outside, they'll be making noise. And camp. And dinner, if Clif bars and apples can

Local reaction to both sides of the heath care issue beofre the Supreme Court.

WHILE POLICY considerations will infuse the Supreme Court arguments Tuesday about the health-care mandate, the session will focus on this legal question: Does the Constitution give Congress the power to order all individuals above a certain income

Opening day in the health care cases has arrived. The line to get into the Supreme Court for a glimpse of the action started on Friday and now stretches around the block.

6 elections * Court has been closely divided on ideological grounds * Ruling expected by late June By Joan Biskupic and James Vicini WASHINGTON, March 27 (Reuters) – The Supreme Court confronts the core of President Barack Obama's healthcare law on