Two Suspects Held in Tulsa

Troubling cases involving race, including the Trayvon Martin shooting and this week's killing of several blacks in Tulsa, Okla., raise difficult social and political issues for many Americans. By Brad Knickerbocker, Staff writer / April 8, 2012 Singers

M. Sunday morning for shooting three African-American North Tulsa residents to death and injuring two others had a racist posting on his Facebook pages. The apparently random racially motivated shootings terrorized Tulsa's African-American community.

TULSA, Okla. — Residents of Tulsa's predominantly black north side said Saturday they're afraid a shooter is still roaming their neighborhoods looking for victims after five people were shot — and three killed — a day earlier.

Standing at a podium at the police station, Tulsa Chief of Police Chuck Jordan said to the shooter, who is still at-large, "We're coming for you."

As a rule, that was about as much about himself or his dealings as the onetime Tulsa resident would reveal. An intensely private man, Rittenberry went out of his way to avoid publicity. While contributing to the aura of mystery that surrounded him,