'Twilight' Star Bronson Pelletier Peeing In Airport Before Arrest – Video

“Breaking Dawn” Star Caught Breaking The Seal: “The Twilight Saga's” Bronson Pelletier – who starred in the trilogy as a member of the wolf pack – initially denied that he had relieved himself in the middle of LAX following his arrest for public

Bronson Pelletier can't deny it anymore — the 'Twilight' actor definitely took a leak right in the middle of LAX last month and there's video to prove it. In the video, an airport employee approaches Pelletier and then he stumbles around

Bronson Pelletier is caught peeing in an airport in this video. It's rather damning evidence.

The Jared depicter in 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon' appeared to be intoxicated when an airport employee approached him, before he took a leak in the middle of LAX.

"Twilight" star Bronson Pelletier was arrested for public intoxication at LAX airport on December 17 after allegedly causing a ruckus and ultimately peeing in a public terminal right in front of fellow flyers and several airport employees. The "wolf