Trayvon Martin: George Zimmerman creates website for supporters

Over the weekend, George Zimmerman, the man who shot unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, registered the website, which includes a PayPal link for donations to his defense and living

By CHANNING JOSEPH and ROBERT MACKEY A screenshot of a section of George Zimmerman's Web site that shows messages of support for him at a rally in Florida held by a controversial pastor, and scrawled on the wall of a black cultural center at Ohio State

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By Encarnacion Pyle George Zimmerman uses a photo of the vandalism at Ohio State University's black cultural center on his new website launched yesterday to raise money for his legal defense. Many people at Ohio State University are outraged that is a basic five-page website with an American flag background and several short messages from Zimmerman to his supporters. Currently there are no comments. Be the first to comment! All comments are filtered for vulgar