Top Ten 'Auld Lang Syne' videos for 2011

It's rare to not see Jim Boroff smiling. Be it on the street, on television during a city council meeting or just in his office, Boroff is rarely not in good spirits. This, the last week of his term as mayor, was not an exception.

Police officers stand guard as people start to fill up New York's Times Square on Friday ahead of the New Year's Eve ball drop tonight. The crowd can swell to 1 million people packing 17 blocks of Manhattan. / SPENCER PLATT/Getty Images By Tom Hays

Okay, some people know what Auld Lang Syne means, and some might even know some, most, or even all of its lyrics. But why do we sing it at New Year's and what does it mean, anyway? Is this something we missed in

You're probably going to go to a New Year's Eve party tonight and as soon as the clock strikes 12, somebody will inevitably start slurring the tune “Auld Lang Syne” because they heard it in a movie. But people very rarely nail

By Joe DeVivo Heart Butte (inside), with Chris De Carlo, noses out Thunder Lord (5), with Victor Santiago aboard, in the Auld Lang Syne. Heart Butte, a much-improved colt since blinkers were added to his equipment four starts ago, outfought Thunder