TOO FAR: New colors stain NFL uniforms

by Jon Robinson When it comes to the secrecy surrounding what the new Nike uniforms will look like in "Madden NFL 13," the game's art director, Jean Adams, says the design team's studio was on CIA-type lockdown. "We moved all of the people working on

Brooklyn, New York – After what seemed like months of waiting, the NFL and Nike has finally unveiled the next generation of uniforms for all 32 NFL.

Nike introduced new uniforms it has designed for all 32 National Football League teams on Tuesday. For the most part it seemed to be the same-old, same-old look.

And now that Nike has wrestled control of the NFL's uniforms from Reebok, the non-uniform uniform snazztacular is reaching new levels. In fairness to Nike, most all of the NFL team's uniforms received a facelift of some sort.

Contributor Network Apr 4, 3:10 pm EDT The Nike NFL uniforms are finally here. After a lot of speculation about what the league would look like, the NFL unveiled the new uniforms on Tuesday, April 3. For the most part, teams experienced little to no