Thunder, Derek Fisher work on deal

By Dave McMenamin | LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant spoke to reporters on Friday for the first time since the team traded his longtime backcourt running mate, Derek Fisher, following the Lakers' 97-92 win over the

(SB Nation Houston, Field Yates) Now that Derek Fisher is officially a free agent after being bought out by the Rockets, the next question is if and where he will resume his NBA career. One team that may be in need of a

Free agent Derek Fisher is looking to join a contender, and the Miami Heat are one of the teams reportedly on the veteran guard's short list. LeBron James says that he wouldn't mind teaming up with Fisher. From the

Derek Fisher was traded to the Rockets and bought out, so now he's a free agent. The rumor is that he wants to join the Bulls or Heat, but there are obvious unanswered questions that go along with this

Rockets Will Try To Show Derek Fisher That He Misjudged Us.