Three winning tickets sold in record $656 mln US lottery

So you defied the odds and won the $640 million jackpot. Congratulations, what should you do next? If these previous lottery winners are any indication, you should probably be very, very careful. Winning the lottery can end in

Don't be—it turns out winning the lottery can often be a terrible curse. From Jack Whittaker, who says he wishes 'we had torn the ticket up,' to Evelyn Adams, who won twice and gambled it all away, The Daily Beast rounds up the unluckiest lotto

The allure of winning big had North Carolinians buying lottery tickets in hoards right up to the drawing on Friday night.

The lure of the lottery is that it will change your life overnight. But what if winning made your life a living hell? As any of these winners-turned-losers would tell you, winning isn't everything. Especially when you don't have a

Rick Snyder legislation aimed at ensuring big lottery winners can't continue to get taxpayer assistance such as food stamps. The House gave unanimous approval to the Senate bills Thursday. The legislation was sparked by revelations that two recent