The Weeknd, 'Echoes of Silence': New Mixtape Dropping Dec. 21?

OFWGKTA, Das Racist and Big KRIT brought mixtape hip-hop to the mainstream, The Roots made a concept album based around a Sufjan Stevens song, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean played with the boundaries of what could be done in rap production, and Jay-Z and

Out of nowhere, the third mixtape from The Weeknd has hit the internet. Nine songs. 1. D.D. 2. Montreal 3. Outside 4. XO/The Host 5. Initiation 6. Same Old Song 7. The Fall 8. Next 9. Echoes Of Silence. Download. hulkshare

The Weeknd just dropped his new mixtape Echoes of Silence over on his website. Check the tape-opening MJ cover and the Clams Casino-produced joint The.

They're not far from the sound another Drake collaborator in Toronto, Abel Tesfaye, brought to the breakthrough House of Balloons mixtape of The Weeknd, though it tended to a similar lyrical laxness, with key exceptions. My own omega tendencies have

Following his Polaris Prize-nomination and the critical acclaim surrounding their digital album/mixtape 'House of Balloons,' Toronto alt-R&B act the Weeknd are rumored to be releasing a new recording Dec. 21 called 'Echoes