The Walking Dead Spoiler Bomb! What Lies Ahead After Tonight's Wild Season …

The third season of AMC's hit series “The Walking Dead” is just about to kick off, and one of the highlights of the upcoming run of episodes is sure to be the introduction into the ensemble of Danai Gurira's Michonne. The defiant warrior woman is a

Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors really did not mess around during Sunday's season-three premiere of “The Walking Dead,” an episode called “Seed” that qualifies as, perhaps, the most violent in the series' history so far. As I said in my early

"The Walking Dead" opens the season with a surprise victim and a continued commitment to realistic gore that is logical but still could give some viewers pause.

steven-yeun-glenn-walking-dead-seed-season-3- You wanted walkers? You wanted walker kills? You got 'em. The third season premiere of "The Walking Dead" played like a direct response to complaints that the show had

Season 3 of AMC's zombietastic “The Walking Dead” debuts this Sunday, and it has me thinking (as usual) about beer. Specifically, which brews would be the best companions for surviving the zombie apocalypse. After all