The vegan roasts a turkey — and maintains his dignity — but his green bean …

By a margin of 13 to 1, Brevard County residents are searching for Broccoli Casserole rather than Green Bean Casserole, according to search term statistics for the week leading up to Thanksgiving 2011. So let's see if it holds true for

A post several days ago posed a question perhaps best not brought up at lunchtime: Can a taco composed of holiday green bean casserole actually taste good? Or in a world in which Kogi-style Korean barbecue “street” tacos are now found frozen at Costco,

Here's Patch's favorite iteration of this classic holiday recipe, green bean casserole. Have another one to share? Let us know in the comment section below! Fill a medium skillet with enough water to reach a depth of half an inch. Bring to a boil,

A version of the classic green bean casserole made from scratch with fresh, delicious ingredients. By Amy Deline, The Gourmand Mom / December 22, 2011 Green bean casserole that doesn't use a can of mushroom soup and tastes just as delicious.

That's why there should be a healthy, low-calorie option to the green bean casserole, one that is not laden with cream, cheese, milk, fried onions, and other high-calorie ingredients, and that still tastes good. Here is a