The Transformation of Ray Lewis

In the period of time since Ray Lewis' big announcement that he will be retiring at the conclusion of the season there has been a considerable amount of respect given to him and his career by

One of Ray Lewis's former teammates, Trevor Pryce, writes about what makes the Ravens linebacker, who plans to retire after the season, extra special.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — With the return of Ray Lewis for the postseason, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed says "emotions will be flying" Sunday in a wild-card playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. Reed says Lewis first told him he was planning on

From the blog Shutdown Corner: At the age of 37, Ravens LB Ray Lewis decided this will be his final season in uniform. While every career ends at some point, Mike Florio calls today's decision curious. A week before the

Ray Lewis would make his ninth Pro Bowl and a friend of mine, briefly his house guest, was taken by the images that loom so large in his living room — Jesus Christ and Tony Montana. A contradiction? Sure. But that's Ray Lewis. That's why he resonated