The Iowa caucus: 6 months, 13 debates, millions of dollars in the making

WASHINGTON — With polls in Iowa predicting a tight finish in Tuesday's Republican caucuses, it would be expected that GOP presidential candidates would barnstorm the state on Tuesday in hopes of grabbing more support.

DES MOINES, Iowa — On the day before the Iowa caucuses, Republican voters here remain fractured. Instead of rallying around a consensus candidate, voters have retreated, with the business wing, libertarians and social

Hey, who's up for one more Iowa caucus poll? Update: IA clarifies that these were likely caucus-goers.

Sponsoring the media hangout center at the Polk County Convention Complex for this year's Iowa caucus, Google is wooing political journalists with tricked-out treadmills and bean bag chairs.

Point of Grace Church in Waukee, Iowa is preparing to host 1000 Iowa voters caucusing to select a Republican Presidential Nominee. Mike Elam, Dallas County Republican Party Chairman, discusses new caucus technology and how a caucus differs from a