Taylor Lautner 'Out & Proud'? Not So Fast…

Taylor Lautner is not gay, as per the Camila Alves got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber and Lea Michelle are racing to win the top honor at the forthcoming PETA Libby Awards The winner of the 2011 Chicago Film Critics Awards

By Kurt Orzeck at TheWrap Teen girls are breathing a sigh of relief: Taylor Lautner is not coming out of the closet. A fake People magazine cover featuring Lautner claims that he is "Out & Proud" exploded across the web Monday night.

You may be shocked to have seen this cover of People magazine, which features Taylor Lautner announcing that he's an "out" and "proud" gay man, but apparently, it's just one elaborate hoax, and the actor has made no such announcement!

Taylor Lautner's action film 'Abduction' hits shelves next month, and now the 19-year-old is dishing on how all of those fight sequences went down. Fans know that Tay does his own stunts, but while everything is choreographed to stay safe,

The Taylor Lautner "out & proud" gay People cover is a fake. Taylor Lautner has not come out as a gay man, despite an "out & proud" magazine cover making the post-Christmas rounds on Twitter and elsewhere.