Stephen Hawking Makes a Big Bang

But I'm an optimist,” says Stephen Hawking in the exclusive clip above from new documentary Surviving Progress . The theoretical physicist's balanced perspective is a philosophical template for directors Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks' meditative movie,

Jim Parson's uber-nerd Sheldon Cooper gets schooled by his hero Stephen Hawking in "Big Bang Theory" guest appearance.

World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has given so much to the world of physics. Now he's doing what he can for biology – and perhaps he will benefit from the experience himself in a big way. Hawking is testing the

Some of the concepts could probably be understood only by Bill James, the godfather of baseball figure filberts, and maybe Stephen Hawking. All this fomented the information revolution in baseball that was popularized in the book and movie, "Moneyball.

A Downton Abbey related biography and one on Stephen Hawking are sought after and recommended at the Swampscott Public Library. In an undated handout picture released by TMC/NBC Universal on Dec. 8, 2011 British actresses (LR) Michelle Dockery playing