Secret Service personnel sent home from Colombia amid allegations of misconduct

CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — A dozen Secret Service agents sent to Colombia to provide security for President Barack Obama at an international summit have been relieved of duty over alleged misconduct.

In a rare move, some Secret Service agents sent to Colombia to help protect US President Barack Obama at a regional summit have been sent home amid accusations of a sex scandal, officials and reports said on Friday.

The dozen Secret Service personnel sent back to the United States from Colombia were part of agency's Uniformed Division and not part of the president's immediate security detail. NBC's Kristin Welker reports. By NBC News, and news services

With just over a month until the NATO summit in Chicago and commuters' concerns rising, Metra's CEO said today that the agency is pressing the US Secret Service to determine if security concerns would disrupt train service.

AP by Kimberly Schwandt Cartagena, COLOMBIA — At least a dozen Secret Service agents covering President Obama in Colombia for a leaders summit were sent back to the United States because of allegations involving prostitution, Fox News' Ed Henry