Secret Service Agents in Scandal Placed on Leave

AP CARTAGENA, Colombia — An embarrassing scandal involving prostitutes and Secret Service agents deepened Saturday as 11 agents were placed on leave, and the agency designed to protect President Barack Obama had to offer regret for the mess

U.S. Representative Peter King, a United States lawmaker who was briefed on the on-going investigation, told The Associated Press that nearly all of the twelve.

By Radar Staff The U.S. Secret Service has recalled a dozen agents from the field as it investigates at least one of those guards having involvement with prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia while they were on duty protecting

US secret service agents sent to provide security for Barack Obama at a summit in Colombia have been sent home after allegations of heavy drinking and consorting with prostitutes. Spokesman Edwin Donovan said the

CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — A deepening scandal involving prostitutes and Secret Service agents is making it harder for President Barack Obama to keep the focus of his Colombia trip on boosting economic ties with Latin America. The Secret Service says