SAT-taker-for-hire Sam Eshaghoff Goes on 60 Minutes

By Ariana Costakes GREAT NECK, NY — The Long Island student at the center of an SAT cheating scandal spoke out in his own defense, telling 60 Minutes he gave struggling students a “new lease on life” by taking the test on their behalf, according to a

20 North Shore students implicated in SAT cheating scandal. Twenty Long Island students have now been implicated in a cheating scandal involving SAT and ACT exams. Several students have been arrested on range of

that will impact the moral compasses of future leaders. If we shirk from that duty for fear of being accused of overstepping our bounds, we become part of the problem. Late last month , Mineola police make an arrest in the SAT / ACT cheating scandal.

By Timothy Bolger on January 1st, 2012 Sam Eshaghoff, the 19-year-old Emory University student at the center of the SAT cheating scandal, believes he was saving the lives of students who paid him up to $2500 to take their college entrance exams but

Karen Rubin in her December 1, 2011 article entitled “Road to SAT Cheating scandal leads to Wall Street” published by the Island Now believes that it is the consequence of a “culture that supports cheating as another