Retro Shock Theater: Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

"I was holiday shopping at a mall in Sears or Montgomery Wards," reveals the legendary filmmaker Tobe Hooper about the origins of his famed film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. "I hate the crowds and shopping. I saw that

Texas Chainsaw 3D One Sheet. Texas Chainsaw 3D: Film Review. 7:49 AM PST 1/4/2013 by Frank Scheck. The Bottom Line. In-your-face 3D and a halfhearted attempt at psychological complexity add little to this umpteenth Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre—it's a title that quickly conjures up a multitude of colorful images, none of them particularly heartwarming. Images come to mind of a country boy wearing a cowboy hat and spurs getting brutally dismembered by a

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Because Norman Bates was such a rich character, portrayed so compellingly by Anthony Perkins, the follow-ups to Psycho fared well – even with the burden of having to pick up over two decades since the original. Making a franchise out of The Texas