Reggie Wayne calls Ray Lewis' final dance 'disrespectful'

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis's looming retirement as a lovable football hero in good standing—a “cuddly warrior,” as I once called him—should give pause to all those inclined to prophesy imminent doom for the

Ray Lewis hadn't played for the Baltimore Ravens since October. After announcing his impending retirement last week, the star linebacker played his final home game Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts during the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs.

If this Baltimore Ravens' playoff run is Ray Lewis' "last ride" in the NFL then this may have been his last dance.

The Ravens will face the Broncos nearly six days after an emotional victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The game itself was not as exciting as the drama that would unfold within it. Ray Lewis, a 17 year veteran, played his last

new_asset_attachment_attributes. Sports fans across the country are mourning Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis' impending retirement following the end of this football season and heaping on the praise of his outstanding Hall of Fame football career.