Quirky shop serves 'dogs'

The quirky menu fits well with the restaurant itself, which features a unique blend of decorations, including the hood of a car. The authentic, signed Rusty Wallace stock car hood is a favorite of customers. In the summer, a beer garden behind the

Ready-made from a paper pulp egg box and recyclable glass lights, Smart Egg Lamp is an eco-friendly light in a box.

Charmaine Bradley, 80, of Kronenwetter has a quirky sense of humor, and when her two daughters were in their preteens, Charmaine decided that everyone in the family should hide one present from one another. "And then, we would start our search by

As a society, we tend to think that we can always do things better. It seems that there's always a better way to use a product or perform a task, we're innovators to the core. Seeing as we like to tell people what to do, we've got

The list of quirky lost property comes after the Evening News told last year how passengers had left a pair of breast implants, a 2ft stuffed seagull, a robotic talking monkey and a mannequin's head on city buses. Lothian Buses estimated about 110