Prime rib recipe for your holiday dinner party

This isn't a quick recipe for prime rib, but it's definitely a good one. By George Slefo When making the prime rib, be sure to save the juices from the bottom of the pan for some excellent au jus. Steve Wool Finding the ultimate prime rib recipe is

Reminder: If your prime rib is currently chilling in the freezer, make sure to move it to the fridge the evening before you cook for a nice slow defrost. Also, make sure you've got a reliable meat thermometer handy. prime – rib . jpg.

By The Peoples Blogger at 1:46 pm on Thursday December 22, 2011 Christmas 2011 is just 3 days away, but it's not too late to go out there and buy a Prime Rib at your local Genaurdi's or Giant. In fact, if you live in the Norristown, Audubon,

Fresh herbs, garlic, and a little wine are the perfect addition to prime rib recipe. My phone is ringing off the hook, and emails are asking for my “Prime Rib” recipe from last year. Prime rib is a very expensive "company's coming"