Prime Rib Recipe for the Holidays

We did our fair share of looking through various celebrity chef concotions and decided that Bobby Flay's struck the perfect balance: a few simple ingredients that most cooks already have handy and a super-succulent result.

Prime Rib (or more accurately Standing Rib Roast) is nearly the most expensive cut of beef you can buy so you want to master the secrets to make it right.

Nearly 40 years ago, Donna Todd found this recipe in an issue of TV Guide. She's made it for Christmas dinner ever since, along with lobster tails and prime rib. "It's called a salad and is refreshing to eat along with dinner, but can also be saved to

By Nancy Loughin My phone is ringing off the hook, and emails are asking for my “Prime Rib†recipe from last year. Prime rib is a very expensive "compa.This isn't a quick recipe for prime rib, but it's definitely a good one.

Reminder: If your prime rib is currently chilling in the freezer, make sure to move it to the fridge the evening before you cook for a nice slow defrost. Also, make sure you've got a reliable meat thermometer handy. prime – rib . jpg.