Prime Rib Recipe for the Holidays

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This isn't a quick recipe for prime rib, but it's definitely a good one. By George Slefo When making the prime rib, be sure to save the juices from the bottom of the pan for some excellent au jus. Steve Wool Finding the ultimate prime rib recipe is

By Nancy Loughin My phone is ringing off the hook, and emails are asking for my “Prime Rib” recipe from last year. Prime rib is a very expensive "compa.

By Nancy Loughin It's not difficult to roast a perfect prime rib, so long as you have a good heavy cast iron skillet and digital meat thermometer handy. First, preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Season the outside of meat with

"Hey, while you're over there, can you give me a slice of that prime rib?" yells my dad. "Make it an end piece." My grandmother's eyes shift from one family member to another, taking in the moment. She is a tough woman. She's a cancer survivor who