President Obama's paradoxical presentation on the 'fiscal cliff' deal

More disputes, and more disruptive ones to the economy, loom despite the fiscal-cliff settlement, an economist writes.

By letting the House take up the Senate's fiscal cliff-dodging legislation that raises income tax rates on the wealthiest earners, Speaker John Boehner answered affirmatively a question that had been on many minds: Would he allow an up-or-down floor

The government gave the nation's suit-and-tie mad scientists a tax break again this year, agreeing to extend the much-loved R&D tax credit. "We..

The U.S. economy may have avoided falling off the fiscal cliff into a new recession, but it is still going to tumble down a rocky fiscal escarpment — and that's not so good either. The deal struck between the White House and

The fiscal pact Congress reached hours into the new year will delay $109 billion in automatic across-the-board spending cuts for two months. But it will make a down payment on those reductions that will affect federal operations this year and next.