'Portlandia' Season 2 sneak peek: 'BSG,' DJ nights & dog parks

IFC has greenlit "Portlandia," an original comedy series that lovingly skewers illustrates the people and values of Portland, Ore. We're guessing a lot of recycling,…

But because the diners, Peter and Nance, are characters on “Portlandia”—a television comedy in which precious concerns spin into giddy lunacy—the conversation does not stop there. Peter, played by Fred Armisen, asks if the hazelnuts, too, are local.

Welcome to the Portlandia, TV series, which in principle should not exist. As the name implies, it is a parody of manners residents of Portland, Oregon.

Now the fine-tuned comedy minds behind Portlandia are putting that addiction into hilarious focus. in the above clip from a Battlestar Galactica-inspired episod.