PHOTO: Amanda Bynes Released from Jail

After being arrested for driving under the influence early Friday morning, Amanda Bynes took a solemn mug shot – and looked equally downtrodden after her release from jail. The actress, 26, was photographed later on Friday wearing a white top,

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With her birthday just days before, Bynes had made an obvious change to her hair color as the mugshot will point out. Further investigation showed that she clipped a cop car and was pulled over as the cops determined that she was unfit to drive.

UPDATE 1:51 PM: Bynes was released from jail in West Hollywood at 10:30 AM PT, TMZ confirms. UPDATE: Bynes reportedly sideswiped a cop car, prompting authorities to pull her over, TMZ has learned.

(2) Popular millennial actress Amanda Bynes was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of DUI in Hollywood, after she hit the rear corner of a sheriff's cruiser while trying to pass it. The former Nickelodeon star was released on Saturday morning