Phillies' Utley says he'll return this season

Ryan has a bike check with some good photos and an interview up here. He says that he loved plastic pegs when he put them on, but that he is now back on metals although he keeps a set of Butcher pegs in the car. Check it:

By Matt Gelb With Chase Utley and Ryan Howard out, who is the most important player in the Phillies lineup? CLEARWATER, Fla. – There were "misunderstandings," as Chase Utley called them, that he needed to address. No, the secret specialist he saw did

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard ditched his boot today down in Florida in favor of a pair of sneakers.

Ryan Howard is working out without a boot on his left foot.

RYAN HOWARD. 03/22/2012. Ryan has bike check up on the Ride site with a quick interview and some good photos. go check it out here. PUBLISHED BY: Mike B. | CATEGORY: Uncategorized | PERMALINK