Passover and the hunger for human connection

AP LOS ANGELES—Coca-Cola may be off the menu for the Passover feast—at least in California. As millions of Jews celebrate the Biblical story of the exodus from Egypt on Friday night, Coke says it's been forced out of California.

Not long ago, I became dissatisfied with the lack of great Passover songs, and I decided to write one. The accuracy of this song is compromised by my shocking ignorance of actual history. But it is an accurate reflection of the

By Brad Hirschfield Passover responds to many kinds of hunger: the hunger for freedom, as expressed by the notion that all people who celebrate the holiday should see themselves as slaves leaving Egypt; the hunger for food, as expressed by the

Passover — the ancient Hebrew exodus from Egypt — has been a rallying cry for freedom for thousands of years. In our own country, even though the Declaration of Independence proclaimed "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as "unalienable

Passover is known as the festival of freedom. But it might also be known as the holiday of love. What was the most depressing condition of Egyptian slavery in the Torah? According to the Belzer Rebbe, the Israelites suffered most deeply not from