'Once Upon a Time' recap: Regina is drawn into 'The Cricket Game'

6 episode of Once Upon A Time after an encounter with Regina (Lana Parrilla) — which actually sounds like a pretty standard encounter with Regina. With a little help from Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and her shiny new

In the Suryanelli case, a 16-year-old was abducted by a bus conductor who raped her, then passed her onto others, some of who were powerful and well-connected in Kerala at the time. She was then discarded with no

Emma and her family celebrate being reunited, but trouble doesn't wait long to find them again in 'Once Upon a Time' season 2, Episode 10: 'The Cricket Game.'

Back after a month off is Once Upon a Time, a well written drama that puts a modern twist on classic fairytale characters. This show is the top network genre program, and it's a darling with social media apps like Getglue and Foursquare. Once Upon a

Hoh man will Emma return to the REAL world with her newfound magical powers?! Is that even possible?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Which will all hopefully be answered in next week's all new Once Upon a Time! Ch-ch-check out the thrilling, chilling preview