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'40th anniversary – united arab emirates national day celebration' projection mapping by obscura digital san francisco-based obscura digital developed the sheikh zayed grand mosque projections project, conducted for the

Canadian label War On Music has announced the long-overdue vinyl release of GORGUTS' 1998 album, "Obscura". The groundbreaking record is highly regarded as an unrivalled masterpiece of the death metal genre.

In general, I would not see OBSCURA as a technical death metal band. We try to write good and memorable songs with diverse and uncommon arrangements. Also, compared to other bands of the genre, I see this band with a

By Charlie Sorrel The name “camera” comes from camera obscura, which means “dark room.” Used as an early drawing aid, the artist would stand in a light-sealed room or box with a hole punched in it. Light would enter through this hole and form an

Hacavitz 'Metzli Obscura' is a solid album that is a great introduction for those looking to get into Mexican blackened death metal. Features Antimo Buonnano from Disgorge!