ObamaCare Will Punish State Budgets

The top lawyer for the Obama administration stated that the President's groundbreaking health care plan may have been a little over ambitious.

The Republican National Convention edited an audio clip of Solicitor General Donald Verrilli to make it sound like he was at a loss of words to defend the Affordable Care Act during his oral arguments to the U.S. Supreme

By Jim Powell During Supreme Court presentations about what kind of precedent the Obamacare mandate might set, if it's upheld, there was some banter to the effect that maybe we might all be forced to eat broccoli. Some observers might have come away

The best reason to rule Obamacare constitutional–the one that makes the answer seem obvious–is a matter of common sense. But that's a case counsel isn't allowed to make. The common-sense case goes like this. Contrary to what Justice Kennedy said this

Heritage was at the Supreme Court for the past three days to observe the oral arguments over the constitutionality of Obamacare. Heritage's Todd Gaziano and Hans von Spakovsky sat in for each day's arguments and