Obama Signs Fiscal Cliff Deal

From Ezra Klein: 1. Details on the deal: 39.6% tax rate for individual income over 400k/family income over $450k. AMT patched permanently. 2. Dividends and cap gains taxes at 20% of the $400k/$450k levels. PEP at $250k.

The U.S. economy may have avoided falling off the fiscal cliff into a new recession, but it is still going to tumble down a rocky fiscal escarpment — and that's not so good either. The deal struck between the White House and

From the blog Breakout: Global markets screamed higher on Wednesday, propelled by a familiar ending to the unprecedented Fiscal Cliff debacle. After all the noise, the Cliff was exposed as the sham it was: a fake deadline

Senate Democrats and Republicans reached a deal to undo the majority of the so-called “fiscal cliff” by extending most of the Bush tax cuts while levying Clinton-era rates on households with more than $450000 in income.

sum total of all the budget agreements we've reached so far proves that there is a path forward that is possible, if we focus not on our politics but on what's right for the country," Obama told reporters late Tuesday, after the House approved the