Obama, Boehner square off in payroll tax fight

WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Tuesday rejected a Senate bill that would have prevented a payroll tax cut from expiring on New Year's Day, saying they wanted a year-long extension or no extension at all. House

(CNN) — Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona said Tuesday the battle on Capitol Hill between Democrats and Republicans over extending the payroll tax cut was causing damage to the GOP. "It is harming the Republican

If you want proof that Republicans are in disarray over the payroll tax cut, look no further than the handful of Republicans who defected from their leadership Tuesday. Or, better yet, vulnerable Senate Republicans who are in

I guess it wouldn't be Christmas without some brinksmanship all the way to New Year's Eve. Last year that brinksmanship involved the extension of Bush-era tax rates and unemployment benefits. This year, thanks to a very

A friend covering the Hill impasse over the payroll tax cuts insists that Speaker John Boehner's job has become a task of "herding squirrels." Not cats, the more typical go-to cliché for trying to organize the unorganizable, but squirrels: "Squirrels