NORAD Santa trackers having record holiday

As it has done every year for the past 56 years, NORAD is once again tracking Santa this holiday season. But for Christmas 2011, the.

As Santa is once again moving along his annual route around the globe, the penetrating eye of NORAD is tracking his every move. And with Big Brother watching, Old Saint Nick cannot afford to let things slide and leave some

It is sort of a cute story, really, but what started NORAD's Santa tracking effort was a 1955 Sears department store advertisement from Colorado Springs — where NORAD is based — that informed kids that they could call Santa on the phone.

In addition, a worldwide sleigh-tracking effort – NORAD – once again will keep minute-by-minute tabs on St. Nick and his nine flying reindeer. The Holloman AFB F-22 Raptor will serve as an escort, or wingman, while the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper

Volunteers at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado were fielding 4000 calls an hour Saturday morning, on pace to break a record.