New Orleans Saints sanctioned for bounty program

On Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed out some pretty tough punishments to those involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty program, including a one-year suspension for head coach Sean Payton and the loss of second-round draft picks for

Last semester, I wrote that the NFL should be played with intensity and toughness. I am not retracting what I said because football is a violent sport, but acts of violence, and receiving payoffs for them, are just not acceptable.

Williams administered the program, and the NFL says Payton was not a direct participant, yet was aware of the allegations and "failed to stop the bounty program." Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt is also suspended without pay for the first six

The NFL investigation of the Saints found that they had a bounty program, funded primarily by players, over the past three seasons. The league concluded that Williams administered the program and occasionally contributed money to it, and cited Payton

(CBS News) – National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell Wednesday handed down unprecedented sanctions against the New Orleans Saints for their so-called "bounty program." Goodell found that the team's management was in on a scheme that paid