Navy jet crash: Don't breathe the air, don't touch the debris

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.—Officials say six of the seven people injured when a fighter jet crashed into a Virginia apartment complex have been.

(CNN) — A Navy jet crashed Friday into some apartments near Virginia Beach, Virginia, sending flames and thick black smoke into the air, a military spokesman and a witness said. At least two people were hurt Friday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

An F-18 Navy fighter jet crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach Friday afternoon. The F-18 was part of the Navy's Strike Fighter Squadron 106, reports.

By Rene Lynch A Navy jet has crashed into a residential area in Virginia Beach, Va. Two pilots are believed to have safely ejected from the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, but there was no immediately word about possible on-the-ground fatalities.

By Rene Lynch Virginia Beach residents were warned Friday to avoid the site of a Navy jet crash lest they come in contact with toxic materials sent swirling into the air upon impact. They were also warned to leave alone any debris they might find from