'Mirror Mirror': The Reviews Are In!

Julia Roberts' rendering of the villainess in the latest version of "Snow White" is, like the film itself, twisted and fractured and not exactly wonderful but watchable and memorable.

By Anonymous Julia Roberts tries to resurrect her sagging career with this revisionist Disney fantasy in which she plays an enchantress plotting to dethrone a young queen (Lily Collins) and steal her prince (Armie Hammer). The exceedingly dull Sam

By Scott Huver The "Mirror Mirror" star talks about taking off his top in his new movie, and why he doesn't pay attention to the tabloids. Prince Charming, The Lone Ranger – whatever the square-jawed character, Armie Hammer's ready to put a unique spin

This is the true story of a quest — the quest for a song, first, and then for the woman who wrote it.

Hollywood's latest salvo in the war on originality comes in the form of Mirror Mirror, the umpteenth feature based on the story of Snow White, and the first of two such films to arrive this year, within mere months of each other