Mike Wallace dies 5 months after Andy Rooney

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He was well aware that his reputation arrived at an interview before he did, said Jeff Fager, CBS News chairman and Wallace's long-time producer at “60 Minutes.'' “He loved it,'' Fager said Sunday. “He loved that part of Mike Wallace.

He also anchored two late-night programs, including The Mike Wallace Interview on ABC. Wallace semi-retired from 60 Minutes in 2006, but contributed several pieces after that. His last piece was an interview with famed baseball pitcher and accused

He left a decade later as Mike Wallace — though he was still not as combative as he was as a correspondent of “60 Minutes” fame. Wallace, who died Saturday at 93, spent most of the decade from 1941 to 1951 working in radio and TV in Chicago,

Mike Wallace, the grand inquisitor of CBS's "60 Minutes" news show who once declared there was "no such thing as an indiscreet question," has died at the age of 93, the network said on Sunday. Wallace died on Saturday