Michelle Duggar Sees Nothing Wasteful Whatsoever About Having 19 Kids

On the “19 Kids” season finale, Jim Bob and Michelle deliver the sad news to their family. It's even sadder when you realize that most of the kids think the big announcement is going to be the gender of their newest sibling.

Michelle Duggar, she of the 19 kids and counting, has some strong words for people who accuse her and her husband's prolific babymaking of being wasteful or irresponsible in an overpopulated world: overpopulation doesn't exist, because the entire

Duggars in Louisiana Friday. The Duggars are still going strong on the political front. Today, they are scheduled to campaign at three locations. Friday, March 23: 10:00am CT : Ouachita Parish Sheriff Office Shooting Range

The Duggar family, from TLC's show "19 Kids and Counting," will visit Lafayette tonight to solicit votes for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum ahead of Saturday's primary election here. The Duggars will visit Family Life Church,

First of all, I want to pout out that I would have concerns about the Duggars even if they were your ordinary family plus seventeen extra children. For one thing, there is no way any two parents can give nineteen children the