Michael Oher Book Review: 'I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to the Blind Side'

Micheal Oher has been answering questions from fans for the past half hour or so and he just responded to a tweet about Grubbs. RT@Hauss77 why don'tu talk to ur boy grubbs and tell him to stay in bmore! The NFL city!….talked to him last night it's

Congratulations to swellprincipal, mtcatch and twodolla on winning an autographed copy of Michael Oher's book “I Beat the Odds.” Many people are familia.

The importance of that position was a focus of the 2009 motion picture starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron that detailed the unique upbringing of former Ole Miss and current Baltimore Ravens left tackle Michael Oher.

Michael Oher was a star Football Player field that is very outstanding, admirable achievements already he get, maybe this is an achievement through history he.

So Michael Oher has helped reclaim his story with his memoir, “I Beat the Odds”. It' not that he dislikes the movie in fact he has said that it's a “great story”. but he does caution those who think after viewing the film that they