Meteor watchers eager for Quadrantid sky show

The first meteor shower of 2012 — the lesser known Quadrantid meteor shower — will kick off a new year of skywatching when it peaks on Wednesday (Jan. 4).

A partly cloudy and cold night will make for great viewing of the moon, Jupiter and the Quadrantid meteor shower but it'll be down in the upper teens again so wear layers! Sunshine dominates the rest of the week and highs climb from the low 40s

The first of the 2012 meteor showers – The Quadrantids, peak on the night of the 3rd and 4th of January with up to 120 meteors per hour.

The Quadrantid meteor shower will peak early Wednesday morning. The best chance to see any meteors will be after the moon sets at 3:12 am, and before sunrise at 7:20 am Under optimal viewing conditions, anywhere from 60 to 200 meteors per hour could be

Like the Geminids, the Quadrantids originate from an asteroid, called 2003 EH1. Dynamical studies suggest that this body could very well be a piece of a comet which broke apart several centuries ago, and that the meteors