Mariana Trench diving; North Korea missile test; Robert Bales's wife speaks

Cameron piloted his specially designed solo submersible to a site known as "Challenger Deep," the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench — about 6.8 miles down. Cameron is the only individual ever to complete the dive in a solo vehicle,

Floris Kaayk came clean to Dutch TV about his video that became a YouTube hit.

James Cameron has returned from visiting the deepest part of the world's oceans – the Mariana Trench. Cameron became the first human to reach the 6.8-mile-deep trench solo.

HONOLULU — Hollywood icon James Cameron has completed his journey to Earth's deepest point. The director of "Titanic," "Avatar" and other films used a specially designed submarine to dive nearly seven miles.

Mar. 26, 2012 – The last frontier on Earth is out-of-this-world, desolate, foreboding, and moon-like, James Cameron said after diving to the deepest part of the ocean. (/The Associated Press) Correction: Clarification: SuperFan badge holders