Manny Pacquiao aides allegedly kicked, punched photographer after fight

Manny Pacquiao got knocked out on a devastating punch by Juan Manuel Márquez in the sixth round. Like many people, Filipinos were in utter shock to see their idol faceplant in the ring. Pacquiao's mom, however, provided

Manny Pacquiao's wife and mother said the Filipino fighter should retire after Saturday's knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. “When you see your husband get hurt, you cannot even sleep,” Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny's wife,

The knockout that Manny Pacquiao suffered at the hands of Juan Márquez on Saturday night was one of the most vicious you will ever see. While the boxing world continues to reel at the Pac-Man's downfall, we just can't stop

Manny Pacquiao in an epic bout by knockout to his long-running rival Juan Manuel Márquez. The dirty ball of jokes and spectator humor traveled downhill rapidly and collected more and more filth as it descended into a full-fledged mudslide. Every fool

LAS VEGAS — Defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a guest ringside Saturday night at the fourth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Romney also visited with Pacquiao in his dressing