'Man of Steel' trailer shows a majestic Superman

The publicity campaign for Man of Steel, next year's Superman reboot, has so far been very reminiscent of producer Christopher Nolan's other superhero franchise, with a series of teasers that haven't shown much more of the

Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay. Thanks, Mom! Outsports has the details on a nasty anti-transgender rant by two sports radio "personalities." Below you can see the first official trailer for Man Of Steel. I'm impressed.

Directed by Watchmen filmmaker Zack Snyder, Man of Steel is produced by Chris Nolan, who reinvented Batman with the Dark Knight trilogy. And the influence of the British director is clear in the dark, dramatic footage. Man of Steel flies into cinemas

That's the dilemma for young Clark Kent in the new "Man of Steel" trailer, which gives you the idea that being plunked down into Smallville isn't the easiest possible transition for a superpowered kid. Those of us who still mourn Christopher Reeve

So when Movieline caught Christopher Nolan on a red carpet and asked him about rumors that Batman would pop up at the end of next summer's Man of Steel, he did pretty much the only reasonable thing he could: smiled and said "I can't talk about that.